Terms & Conditions

1. Students must ensure that all documents are genuine and that they are fully responsible in case of any negligence/misrepresentation.

2. Students are responsible for submitting any fees due directly to Community Revival – the college.

3. Students accept that it is the British High Commission/Embassy that issues visas and not Community Revival.

4. Once the visa application is successful, the student is fully committed to enrol on the course and attend all classes regularly.

5. It is the student’s responsibility to be fully aware of the latest Home Office regulations.

6. Community Revival is not liable to make any refunds of fees paid to the High Commission/Embassy.

7. The student must enclose all original documents mentioned in the offer letter, with bank statements and other related/required documents (passport, medical test results, character reference).

8. If the visa is refused due to submitting an incomplete application, submitting fake documents or not disclosing material information to the High Commission/Embassy, Community Revival will not refund any fees paid to the college.

9. Community Revival is not responsible for any fees paid to any other party except the college itself.

10. Students will not be admitted to any Course unless Community Revival is satisfied that the Student’s previous education will enable him/her to benefit from the intended Course.

11. Deposits are only refundable if a Visa application is refused, in which case the Student must provide an original refusal letter from the relevant Embassy or High Commission. If Students do not start the Course or do not apply for a Visa, the deposit is not refundable.

12. Once the Student obtains a Visa, the balance of the tuition pay becomes payable under all circumstances.

13. Full tuition fees are payable even if Students start their Course late, withdraw from their Course early or request a transfer to another Institution.

14. Full tuition fees are still payable if a Student is expelled from Community Revival for disciplinary reasons or asked to leave by the Home Office. Any prepaid fees will not be refunded.

15. Community Revival reserves the right at any time to make whatever changes may be deemed necessary in admission requirements, fees, charges, tuition, policies, regulations, timetables and academic programmes prior to the start of any programme. However, reasonable effort will be made to ensure Students are notified at least one month in advance of any change.

16. Community Revival does not accept any responsibility for Students’ personal possessions, property, postal mail or money whilst they are on Community Revival’s premises.

17. If the Application Form is signed on behalf of the Student by his/her sponsor/guardian/representative, these conditions will still apply.

18. Students accepted on a programme of study, prior to interview, may be required to undergo an Entry / English test on arrival.

19. Once the visa application is successful, students will inform Community Revival about all activities related to my studies at Community Revival, immediately. These activities include travel arrangements, change of address/contact details, etc.

20. Students unable to join their course by the scheduled date must inform Community Revival in writing at least two weeks prior to the starting date of their course. Any period of absence will be recorded.

21. Students enrolling onto a Course at Community Revival agree to be bound by and abide by these Terms & Conditions.

You can download these terms and conditions below for reading later on if required.

Terms and Conditions
General Terms and Conditions for Online and Taught Courses