Our Community is anyone and everyone that is a stakeholder in the organisation including the wide range of partners we work with. In addition, to our fantastic students and staff, we have volunteers and people on work placements. We help individuals from all backgrounds.

We are organising Coffee Mornings, Lunch Clubs and a Warm Space hub to help local people get through these difficult times.

Current and Past Projects

Our Partners

Community Revival works with a wide range of partners and together we help to improve the lives of local people. Partners include Manchester First, Faith Action, KYP, The Growth Company, The Language Centre Sheffield, One Manchester Housing Group, Migrants’ Support Charity, Home of Justice CIC and Bamford Training Professionals CIC, and Ethnic Health Forum. We are keen to work with other organisations who can help to develop the community.

Free Classes

We regularly run free classes in ESOL, English, Maths, Computing, Employability, Well-being and other Vocational courses. Free classes are subject to eligibility criteria of grants and funding.

We are also offering Community Well-Being Activities funded by “We Love Manchester Emergency” Fund. Offering the followings please join classes by contacting our office.

  1. Light Exercising and Well Being – these are offered on zoom by sessional work who has delivered this before. This will allow participants learning new ways of improving their positive thinking/mindfulness but also improve their physical health by taking part in the exercise.
  2. Multicultural Cooking. To learn practical skills and share ideas and learning from each other and bring the community spirit back to the centre of feel cohesive.
  3. Cake Making and Decorations – this course again would make participants amused and socially involved and keen to take part while using technology.

We are seeking funding to offer more Health & Well-Being courses From August and September for BME community(subject to funding and grants).

Funding and Grants

We are delivering AEB funding for other traineeship and ESOL courses. We are now working on DWP Restart program within West and South Yorkshire in partnership with a Prime contractor.

In the past, we have received funding from a variety of sources including Manchester City Council, Awards for All, FE Colleges, the European Social Fund, the WEA, the European Integration Fund as well as the private sector and VCO bodies. As a UK Online Centre, we have delivered funding to promote digital skills in the community.

We can offer courses for BME communities that will help them to be active, healthier, learn new skills, engage with volunteering and digital skills.

We are very keen to support BME to learn about digital entrepreneurial skills; start their own business or economically move into employment.

Volunteering at Community Revival

Ever wanted to experience what it would be like to teach in a classroom? What about clerical work in an office? A receptionist? Maintaining a computer system? Managing a project? Research? Sales, marketing and PR? Or perhaps Bookkeeping and accounts? If so, then Community Revival is a great place to volunteer! Just get in touch with us to find out how you can get involved.


We engage with literally hundreds of people every year which provides an excellent opportunity to survey individuals and gather all manner of valuable data regarding their needs, wants and aspirations. This information can then be used to provide the most appropriate providers and services to the community.

Our Community response:

  • All levels of courses in ESOL.
  • Informal courses in health and well-being.
  • We developing partnerships with other VCS organisations.
  • Our management is keen to engage with BME communities; asylum seekers, unemployed or on low wages and refugees, in an appropriate way to provide support.
  • We would like to involve the community in our new projects’ design, development and implementation.
  • We expect volunteers from all backgrounds to make a difference.
  • We are very keen to develop the impact made on BAME communities.