Community Revival

A list of all current courses

Courses Offered (fees valid from 23/07/2015)

AQA Unit Award Scheme (1046)

  • ID: 713

This Scheme is based on a unit or modular approach where areas of work or activity are presented to students as a series of individual units.

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ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management (1048)

  • ID: 1024

For those looking to enter a role in management

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ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management (1047)

  • ID: 1060

Consolidate your management role with this course

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ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Management (1063)

  • ID: 1063

Further develop your management skills and knowledge with this course

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ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management (1019)

  • ID: 1019

An excellent springboard to progress to University courses including MBA top-up

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Certificate in ESOL (Tier 4 English) – 1026

  • ID: 1026

Improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, from Introductory to Advanced levels.

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Citizenship/Visa Application English Courses (1044)

  • ID: 1101

Community Revival offers a SELT preparation course, awarded by Trinity College London. The exam for which, is externally certified. These tests are approved¬†for applications to UKVI for visas, Leave to Remain and British Citizenship: Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) – A1, A2 and B1 tests Integrated Skills in English…

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Free English Language Course

  • ID: 1131

A short, free English Language course for students eligible for UK government funding

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General English Language (1043)

  • ID: 1043

Improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

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IELTS & English for University/Academic Writing (1028)

  • ID: 1028

The IELTS qualification is the world’s leading English language test.

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