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Welcome to Community Revival

We have been delivering a wide range of English Language, Business Management and other subjects since 2006. We pride ourselves on having a very friendly and diverse environment where everyone feels welcome and is encouraged and supported to achieve to the very best of their ability. From August 2011, we have been recruiting International students from a wide range of countries who have a genuine desire to engage in learning and progress their careers.

We are confident that you will enjoy your studies at Community Revival and that they will serve as a springboard for you to realise your ambitions.

(Shabaz Ahmed, Principal)

Community Revival (UK) is a not-for-profit organisation, limited by guarantee which was established in January 2006. As its name implies, we exist to refresh and revitalise the local community with a range of projects including training, education, employment, recreation and social activities. Most of our beneficiaries are from the BME community with the majority being women, however Community Revival engages with all sections of society irrespective of background.

We are a member of the Greater Manchester Community & Voluntary Organisations (GMCVO) and a founder-member of Manchester First.

Our Vision

To mobilise people for a better quality of life.


To help people in their personal and community development by motivating and mobilising them for their economic, social and personal needs. Community Revival is a committed provider of quality education and training to primarily help disadvantaged people improve their well-being and progress into further education and employment.

The Board comprises of Shabaz Ahmed (Principal), Abid Satwilkar (Head of Learning), Nazila Ahmed (Centre Co-ordinator), Roukayatou Laleye (Accounts & Admin) and Humara Satwilkar (Non-Executive)

In addition, we recruit International students to study at our centre in Manchester as well as to other prestigous UK Universities and Colleges.

We also regularly take on people as volunteers or on work placement, developing their knowledge and skills so that their future prospects are enhanced.

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Our Branches

In addition to our main Branch in Chorlton, Manchester we also have branches in:

*7th Floor, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield S1 2GU*

*The Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington Street, Glasgow G3 8AZ*

*Faraday Business Centre, Unit 34 Faraday Street, Dundee DD2 3QQ*

*Regus Conference House, 152 Morrison St. Edinburgh EH3 8EE*