Sports Activities for our community

Community Revival is taking part in Sports activitis for local community. 

We had a very successful and enjoyable project in June in local scool for all ages groups. We have received great feedback from locals.

We will keep inform our community on the next sport activitie and hope you will be able to join us the next time. 

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Sports day case study

Zahida is 53 years old; she grew up in Pakistan and moved to the UK with her husband. She enrolled on an ESOL course with us at Community Revival to improve her English. Through us and the Together Fund she was introduced to playing sports for the first time. Coming from a low socio-economic background, playing sports was not something she could easily access.

“I played badminton for the first time. I really enjoyed it and it was good for my health. I want to keep playing”.


Zahida got involved in our badminton sessions building her confidence, fitness and made new friends. Participants like Zahida show us anyone can take advantage of this free sports provision and benefit greatly.