ESOL + Citizenship Courses

ESOL + Citizenship Course (to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain, Naturalisation & British Passport)

Programme Information:

This is a privately-funded ESOL + Citizenship Course

  • Your current level will first be assessed. Your Speaking and Listening skills will be improved to a level that will lead to a qualification
  • The qualification you will achieve will be at the Level appropriate to you
  • Your Tutor will go through each lesson and unit with you and support you fully during the programme
  • The programme will last at least 30 hours and you will study until you can progress to the next level
  • You will also study elements from the ‘Life in the UK’ syllabus but you won’t be tested on this knowledge
  • Your hours of attendance will be mutually agreed and always tutor-led
  • You will be required to sign a timesheet to show your hours of attendance
  • The total cost of the Course is at least £250 including Initial Assessment, tutor-led classes, course materials, City & Guilds certificate and a letter from Community Revival detailing what you have studied
  • If you achieve your qualification within 30 hours, you may continue with the programme to improve your English further or to achieve another qualification.
  • Community Revival can also help you to complete the appropriate Application Form for obtaining the British passport, Naturalisation and Indefinite Leave to Remain