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Welcome to Community Revival UK

We Offer

Community Revival is a specialist training company, engaging hard-to-reach BAME communities. Since 2006, we are proud to have transformed the lives of 2000 disadvantaged people. 

Community Revival is a voluntary organisation limited-by-guarantee. We are not-for-profit and community-centred. 

Community Revival exists to refresh and revitalise communities through building capacity and confidence. Through our courses and projects, we encourage, inspire and instruct people, helping them to achieve a better quality of life. We exist to support people in education, training and employment, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to be happy, active members of their community. 

We offer courses in ESOL, Maths, English, Education and Training, Information, Advice and Guidance, Skills Support for the Workforce and Digital Skills. We also run projects aimed at improving individuals’ wellbeing. These typically take the form of an activity such as knitting, sewing, cooking, sports, and others. 

We also encourage community and organisations to partner with us.

What do our Students think?

"I liked the tutor most!"

Course: Entry 2 ESOL

Date: November 2022

- John Doe

"I was very very happy to attend this course, it helped me a lot."

Course: Level 1 ESOL

Date: January 2022

- John Doe

"I am very happy to learn ESOL at Community Revival UK"

Course: Entry 1 ESOL

Date: March 2021

- John Doe

"I am happy with the teacher and the tutor explained more than once"

Course: ICT Functional Skills

Date: March 2020

- John Doe

"Tutor provided 1:1 support to guide us"

Course: Level 2 classroom assistant

Date: Febuary 2020

- Jane Smith

"Our teacher was very helpful and she really loved all students"

Course: Level 1 ESOL

Date: March 2022

- John Doe

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